Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fashioning Technology

I love this site: Fashioning Technology, it's all about new ways to use technology to create beautiful fashion pieces with interactive features and new technologies. It offers a glimpse of a close future where we will all show a little bit more of our colours as we walk the streets. Can't wait really, and should not as much as these clothes are available today, not in stores but at your friendly tech fashion designer. A lot of that stuf is DIY and relates to Arduino, LEDs and conductive thread.
It's worth the dig and if you go through the members you will find a bunch of a very different kind of wired heads.

Syuzi's Blog - Fashioning Technology

Some pieces transform you into a fullbody gaming device, others are more than merely decorative and display your heart rate in colour as you rush to the dance floor.
Follow the links and you will find much info about new fabrics and techno crafts.

Find more photos like this on Fashioning Technology

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